Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dr. Carson the extremist?


Please cue up the "Twilight Zone" theme, because this story would qualify as an episode.

According to news reports (based on original reporting by Legal Insurrection),  the left has found a new person to demonize and his name is Dr. Ben Carson:
"An iconic American civil rights group that was founded to fight the Ku Klux Klan is now taking aim at the only African-American to hint he might run for president in 2016 -- because he opposes gay marriage.
Republican Ben Carson, a retired world-class pediatric neurosurgeon, has found himself listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center's 'Extremist Watch' website alongside neo-Nazis, skinheads, and Klansmen, in a peculiar example of the group's mission-creep.
Carson said Monday that the characterization is 'projectionist and ignorant.'
Asked if he thought the SPLC was 'crooked,' Carson replied, 'Oh, definitely. And I -- certainly that's been the impression of everybody I've heard from.'  
'I find it very ironic that they would castigate someone as a hater whose entire professional career was spent saving people's lives,' he said.
Carson described a scholarship program he has endowed, and literacy projects he has set up 'specifically in poor areas, so that kids can learn the love of reading, which will have a profound impact on their academic performance.'

'But because I don't agree with them about traditional marriage, I'm a "hater",' he mused. 'And that's pretty interesting that someone could come away with that belief.' 

My guess is that Dr. Carson threatens the Southern Poverty Law Center in a few ways:

1) Dr. Carson believes that African Americans are in control of their own lives and can succeed, as he did becoming a first-rate surgeon;
2) Dr. Carson does not believe that giving 90% of your vote to one political party has been valuable to African Americans. The best evidence of this is all of those African American congressional districts with no jobs, lots of crime and lousy public schools that most Democrat leaders do not send their kids to. Again and again, African Americans are overlooked, except on the first Tuesday of November when a Democrat comes around to play the race card; and, 
3) Dr. Carson's position on "same sex marriage" means that he is "a hater" in the eyes of so many in the left. This is incredible since Dr. Carson has the same position about "same sex marriage" that Mr Obama had when he ran for president.

The bad news is that we will hear this kind of demonization from the left, specially as they come to terms with the country's electoral reality. The good news is that this classification of Dr. Carson as an extremist speaks loudly about the irrlevance of organizations like the SPLC.   

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