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The leak and who did it? The consequences of the leak....more inflation & more

The leak and who did it? The consequences of the leak.....Primary in GOP and voter enthusiasm....Inflation is not getting better and a recession is likely.........and other to listen:

Wednesday's video: The leak and politics plus more inflation

Wednesday's video: 
The leak and politics plus more inflation......

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The leak, or the donkey's last trot?


(My new American Thinker post)

Over time, I've explained my opposition to abortion in very personal terms.   

In other words, we have three sons, two grandsons, and a baby granddaughter on her way. Each one is an example of what happens when you don't abort!

Some of us are old enough to remember the shock of "Roe" back in 1973. "They decided what" is how many of us reacted in our school cafeterias. Then came the disappointment of GOP-appointed Justices who went along with Roe, "the borking" of a decent man, the high-tech lynching of a black man, and the Kavanaugh nomination circus.

And last, but not least, the story turned again. We learned that someone leaked the opinion that will overturn "Roe" as originally reported in Politico

The Supreme Court has voted to strike down the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, according to an initial draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito circulated inside the court and obtained by POLITICO.

The draft opinion is a full-throated, unflinching repudiation of the 1973 decision which guaranteed federal constitutional protections of abortion rights and a subsequent 1992 decision – Planned Parenthood v. Casey – that largely maintained the right. “Roe was egregiously wrong from the start,” Alito writes.

Leaks and "sources close to the situation" are the order of the day these days but this one feels different. Whoever heard of a leak from the Supreme Court? 

My guess is that a fanatic inside the building decided to give the Democrats a boost in November. They were hoping that "the leak" would bring about a huge Democrat turnout.

In my opinion, it won't because this leak is not going to turn any voter one way or another. Furthermore, whatever outrage there is will end the next time you fill your tank or your wife goes grocery shopping.

So what happens now?

First, this is further confirmation of just how fanatical the pro-abortion forces are. They will go to any length, including aborting their careers or personal reputation, to protect what they call a "right" or "health care." I'm not surprised by their fanatic nature because I remember Bork and Kavanaugh. Get ready because there are more fanatical episodes pending, such as a dramatic news conference revealing the "leaker" and Democrat women screaming on the House floor about the end of women's rights. Again, they are fanatics. What else would you call someone who gets this excited about the taking of a human life?

Second, the leak may backfire and bring Roberts to our side. He apparently wants to support Mississippi's 15-week ban but does not want to overturn Roe. 

The end of Roe was never meant to come easy. It won't be easy but we're finally headed in the right direction. Yes, the Democrats are a dead donkey trotting but at least a few more baby girls will get to choose in their lives!

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