Saturday, March 14, 2020

Maybe CNN should quarantine Acosta for foolish comments

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At some point, CNN will have to make a tough decision regarding Jim Acosta.  Unfortunately, he keeps making a fool of himself and dragging the network down as well.
This is the latest from “The Acosta Show“:   
CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s latest report has been labeled “idiotic” and a “‘so what?’ moment” by critics who feel it’s simply the liberal network’s latest attempt to weaponize coronavirus against President Trump.
Acosta’s story headlined, “Source: Trump is concerned about coming into contact with people infected with coronavirus,” cited a single source “close to” the president who said Trump is uneasy after coming into contact with a Brazilian official who tested positive for coronavirus. The Brazilian president also later tested positive for the virus.
Where is a psychiatrist when we really need him?
Like any rational person, President Trump is concerned about coming into contact with a person carrying the virus.  Isn’t Jim Acosta also?
Furthermore, the good news is that the public is daily passing judgement on “The Acosta Show” and CNN:  CNN’s Ratings Collapse In 2019!
What’s going on?  Maybe there is too much Acosta at CNN.
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