Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Is Mexico ready to ask Obama to send California back?

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There is a joke going around Mexico that President Pena-Nieto will soon ask President Obama to return California.  

Crazy you think?  Check out Jose Azel: 
"Breaking news: Massive street celebrations in Mexico in approval of the appointment of Roberta Jacobson as US ambassador!
President Peña Nieto anticipates that after the first round of negotiations California will be returned to Mexico!+The joke making the rounds in social media is, of course, unfair to Jacobson, who serves at the pleasure of the president.
But it illustrates the current skepticism regarding US negotiating strategy around the globe.+In recent negotiations with Cuba, headed by Jacobson, the United States appears to have unconditionally given up most negotiating chips without any meaningful concessions from the Castro regime.
In the much more geopolitically important negotiations with Iran, headed by Secretary of State John Kerry, some key US demands seem to have been discarded, much to the concern of our allies.
And, as foreign policy expert Jeane Kirkpatrick would have reminded us: “Personnel is policy.”"

Don't worry.  California is not going anywhere.   However, there is always truth in humor.

The world is watching and what do they see?

First, they see a president crazy for deals and a Secretary of State desperately looking for a Nobel Peace Prize.   He wants deals even if no one can explain them to the American people or US Congress.   Or not supported by the public!

Second, and this is important, there is growing sense that President Obama is different.   I'm not talking about his skin color.    I'm talking about where his heart is.   As a Mexican friend told me on the phone:  "Does he like America"?

Again, California will stay along with the Dodgers and Giants.   The joke speaks volumes about what the world thinks of President Obama.

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