Monday, December 23, 2013

'Duck Dynasty' has a new fan

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A&E ran a bunch of "A Duck Dynasty" shows on Sunday.  I finally sat down and watched a couple of them.

First, it is hilarious. You got these "ZZ Top bearded guys" with beautiful wives, a successful business and a wonderful sense of humor. Uncle Si is the greatest "TV uncle" since Uncle Charlie in "My 3 sons"!  That fellow SI is a superstar!    

Second, Grandpa Phil, the man in the middle of the controversy, looks like the kind of guy that you want to go hunting with.   His wife, Miss Kay, is exactly the kind of woman you want cooking your next holiday meal.  She loves dogs and spoils her grandchildren.   

Third, the brothers, or the guys who run the business, are funny and treat their employees very well.   Wonder how many people watching this show wished that they had a boss like "brother CEO"? 

Fourth, I saw the Christmas play episode.  We enjoyed the family putting a Nativity play at church and treating their friends to food and gifts.  

There are a lot of people like the Robertsons in the south, probably everywhere else too.  They are good family people who contribute a lot to the nation, from creating jobs to keeping our traditions intact.   

Yes, Grandpa Phil could have expressed himself a bit different.  However, I can see why so many people love this show:  Can you believe that the show attracts 13 million viewers a week?  A&E viewership is up 10%!  Top 3 shows on TV!   

Suddenly, "clinging to your guns and religion" is a smash on TV!  Frankly, it's amazing that it took the TV networks so long to figure out that there is a huge audience out there for this kind of stuff.  

The left is not helping itself by mocking men and women like The Robertsons.  They connect with a lot of people!   

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