Monday, August 10, 2020

Trump executive orders plus Chicago & AG Barr calls out Antifa & more stories

Trump executive orders plus Chicago & AG Barr calls out Antifa & more stories 08/10 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Trump executive orders....More violence in Chicago....AG Barr calls out Antifa.......and other to listen:

Monday’s video: The Trump executive orders

DACA Nancy up in arms

President Trump and Nancy Pelosi have not spoken in five months ...
Eight years ago, President Obama signed DACA by executive order and then House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was thrilled.  Now Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a problem with a president issuing executive orders when Congress stalls on passing a solution.
It would have been better if Congress and the President had worked together.  Unfortunately, the Democrats were not really interested.
Overall, it was a brilliant political move by President Trump, as Stephen Moore wrote:   
Trump’s four executive actions do many of the things that the Democrats have been agitating for: it gets money to hard-working people via a suspension of the payroll tax. This means a 7.5% boost in take-home pay for every worker making $100,000 or less for the rest of the year. It is legal and popular with voters.    
Most important, it puts the Democrats on defense — especially Joe Biden.  
The Democrats, and I assume Biden, want billions to “help” (actually bail out) many blue states and cities.  They want billions for states poorly managed and weighed down by public sector unions.
I’m sure that all of this will end up in the courts.  In the meantime, people who need money will get some soon.
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We remember Dr. Liviu Librescu (1930-2007)

Liviu Librescu - Wikipedia

We remember Professor Liviu Librescu who became a national hero during the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007.      He blocked the door so that his students could escape to safety, a great act of bravery.

Professor Librescu was born in Romania on this day in 1930.  As a boy, he saw the evils of the Holocaust and later lived under communism.   He came to the US in 1978.

What a great man and hero.  

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