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Thursday's show: Brennan's clearance, Cuomo's words, Aretha Franklin, Elvis & Babe Ruth

Thursday's show:  
Brennan's clearance, Cuomo's words, Aretha Franklin, Elvis & Babe Ruth

Thursday's video: Governor Cuomo and more Trump Derangement Syndrome

Thursday's video: 
Governor Cuomo and more Trump Derangement Syndrome

Add condoms to the shortages in Cuba

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In the early 1990's, I heard Professor Juan Clark say that there were more abortions than births in Cuba.  I couldn’t believe it but it’s true.
This week, Cuban blogger Yoanni Sanchez updated the situation in Cuba, and specially the shortage of condoms:  
Despite decades of declining funding for the health system, broad access to medical care and the legalization of abortion have been vital in providing assistance to many Cuban women.
Many Cubans rely on abortion as a form of birth control. The health risks of repeated abortions include cervical complications and even infertility.
According to official records, in 2016 there were 85,445 abortions performed in Cuban hospitals, or about 41.9 terminations per 100 pregnancies.
“Que barbarida” — the Cuban expression of total shock.
It’s not surprising that there are shortages of condoms.  In fact, there are shortages of everything unless you can go to special tourist stores where you have to pay in dollars, euros, or a foreign-currency credit card.  Sadly, most Cubans are not allowed to go in those stores.
The massive use of abortion is further evidence of the regime’s moral corruption.  They see babies as potential mouths to feed or more trouble for a regime that never has enough supply of anything.
The other problem is the aging of the Cuban population:  
A depressed birth rate means two things: The population grows at a reduced pace, and the overall population is older.
Cuba is already seeing its population growth start to plateau. Plus, a large percentage of the population falls into the 40-to-60 age bracket, which means that in a few years the younger generation will need to support a large number of retirees.
In fact, by 2021 more people in Cuba are expected to leave the work force than to join it; by 2026 more Cubans will die than be born; and by 2050 the number of people in Cuba over age 60 will reach 3.5 million, or 36% of the population, according to figures cited by the British ambassador to Cuba, Tim Cole.
What a legacy of communism in Cuba — an aging population, young women with four abortions and tourists with dollars can buy condoms but the locals with pesos can’t.  What a horrific revolution, is all I can say.
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PM Trudeau now faces angry constituents over illegal immigration:

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PM Trudeau now faces angry constituents over illegal immigration:  
"As migrants continue to spill over the porous southern border, many politicians are calling the situation a “crisis” and are urging the government to do more.  
Some have even proposed putting up a fence along one of the longest borders in the world.
The border in question, however, is not America’s border with Mexico, but Canada’s with the United States. 
Some estimate that as many as 400 a day are crossing the 5,525 mile border between Canada and the U.S. through non-official ports of entry and with provincial elections looming, the issue is causing political ramifications."
Political ramifications?  No kidding!  

Wonder if PM Trudeau wants to delete that Tweet he posted days after President Trump took office:
Words have consequences!

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