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The immigration marches did not have a lot of marchers

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Saturday was supposed to be the day of the big immigration march, according to SEIU planners:    

"On October 5, 2013, the broadest and most diverse movement in our country right now will bring together diverse communities from immigrant, faith, labor, and civil rights groups. Thousands will join in over 90 marches and rallies across our nation to call on Congress to pass commonsense immigration reform with a pathway to earned citizenship in 2013."

It was supposed to be the day that Congress got the message about immigration reform, according to other planners.

Let's just say that many stayed home or didn't get the memo.  It had to be a disappointment because there were not the large crowds that the planners had hoped for.

My guess is that this is further evidence that Hispanics are disenchanted with Democrats who make promises and do not fulfill them, such as President Obama doing nothing about immigration reform despite huge congressional majorities.

Also, let's consider that Hispanics want to hear about jobs and economic development, the two missing ingredients of the Obama presidency.

According to The NY Times:    

"On what they were calling a "National Day of Immigrant Dignity and Respect," supporters said they expected as many as 100,000 people nationwide."

Frankly, 100,000 is a huge disappointment. We had a bigger crowd than that in Dallas in 2006.

Here are some reports from two major cities.

In Chicago:    

"Dozens gathered in Union Park on the Near West Side for the rally, held as part of a series of similar events across the country and after House Democrats unveiled an immigration bill during this week's ongoing government shutdown. "

In Los Angeles:  

"......hundreds of activists who marched in Hollywood on Saturday advocating for new immigration laws."

The LA march was apparently around 2,000, according to a later news report.

You are going to need a lot more than "hundreds" and "dozens" to catch the attention of politicians, especially with President Obama at 41% in Gallup.

Here is an idea for the march organizers:  Talk about jobs and maybe more people will show up. The Obama economy has been a disaster for Hispanics, blacks and young people, as Stephen Moore said.

You can hear CANTO TALK here.

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Babalu post: Mama Hugo’s sick puppies and their troubled currencies

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Thumbs up to Fausta's Blog for bringing this to our attention.
We got more news today that "Chavez' babies" are sick and very sick.  Please get rid of those Venezuelan bolivares and Argentina pesos in your wallet.
Cristina's "peso" and Hugo's "bolivar" are in big trouble, the inevitable consequences of mismanagement and corruption!  
Argentina and Venezuela are facing major currency pressures

 "Venezuela: While the crises in the Middle East are easing, the troubles in Venezuela are far from over. The black market exchange rate for the Venezuelan bolivar has fallen from 44.03 per U.S. dollar on September 24th to 40.92 on September 30th. This represents an appreciation of 7.6% over the last week.  The implied annual inflation rate as of September 30th sits at 255%, down from a local high of 292% on September 17th. The ConocoPhillips dispute, a massive blackout, and worsening shortages caused by price controls have ravaged the Venezuelans’ confidence in the bolivar over the month of September.    
Although the bolivar has rebounded modestly in recent weeks, this simply indicates that the economic outlook in Venezuela is only slightly less miserable than it was in mid-September. The economy is still on a slippery slope and economic expectations continue to be weighed down by the fragile political atmosphere, worsening shortages, and the ever-present specter of political violence. An inflation rate of 255% is nothing to celebrate.    

Argentina: The black market exchange rate for the Argentine peso has held steady at around 9.5 per U.S. dollar since September 25th, with a 9.55 exchange rate on September 30th. That represents a 2.9% decrease in the value of the currency from the September 22nd rate of 9.27. The implied annual inflation rate as of September 30th sits at 54%, a decrease from the rate of 49% on September 22nd.""
On the medical front, President Cristina Fernandez will be spending the next month in the hospital.    She is suffering from a "brain haematoma:.  She may want to stay in the hospital a lot more than a month after she gets a currency report.
Over in Caracas, President Maduro is running a "crumbling economy" and hearing that he's bankrupted the country.
Another bad report card for Chavez' disciples!
Chavez's revolution is now a misery and a disaster.

P.S. Here is our show about Venezuela!

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