Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The insanity of sanctuary cities

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The sanctuary cities debate finally has a human face.  It is the face of woman who was out for a walk and killed by an illegal immigrant.  

The "open border" crowd is already saying that illegal immigrants kill at a lower rate than legal residents.  

So what?  

The bottom line is that a woman is dead, shot by someone who should have never been walking around in the streets of any city.

This story goes on, as Debra Saunders pointed out:
Sanchez, 45, told San Francisco's ABC7 that he did shoot Steinle: it was an accident. Sanchez had been convicted of seven felonies, four drug-related, and deported to his native Mexico five times. He clearly believed he could break immigration and drug laws with impunity, and did.
He said he was aware of San Francisco's sanctuary city policy.
This is not a left or right story.  I support a very limited version of immigration reform, but I find this story very unsettling.

We hear that sanctuary cities make it easier for people in the country illegally to interact with police and report crimes.  The bigger issue is that people like Mr. Sanchez are a threat to everybody, including the illegal living in these cities.First, this is a very simple case of city officials in San Francisco, and elsewhere, who have put political correctness above public safety.

Second, there is a basic rule of law element to the story as well.  How does a city council decide not to enforce federal immigration laws?  How does that happen?  

How has the federal government allowed that to happen?  Isn't this the Obama administration that went after Arizona for meddling with immigration?  Didn't we use to hear that immigration is a federal concern?

San Francisco has failed miserably to protect its citizens and obey federal laws.  And there is a funeral and a family who can vouch for it!

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Immigration laws and San Francisco

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