Friday, December 12, 2014

Ready? There are a lot more distractions coming

We are slowly concluding year 6 of the Obama presidency and this is what we have:

1) The RCP president's job approval rate is 42%;

2) The health care law is a bit worse, at 38%;  and the one that strikes a dagger in liberal hearts is 

3) Watching Secretary of State Kerry discussing another "unlimited" war resolution in the Middle East.    

It's enough to drive liberals crazy, or at the very least persuade them to change the subject from reality to fantasy.

Enter "the police war against young black men".    There is no evidence of it but it makes for great conversation at the liberal chat rooms.   After all, what else are they going to chat about?   the black youth unemployment rate?  black on black crime?

Enter the one about young women getting raped in colleges.   There is no such thing but it beats talking about the number of young women who can't find work in this economy or that new crop of GOP ladies who won in November. 

Enter the so called "torture report", or more specifically the one sided partisan report that is all about blaming Bush and specially Cheney.

The report represents the worst of partisan politics.   It did not take into account the opinions of former CIA heads or even the current one appointed by President Obama.    

It was partisanship at its ugliest and put US interests, and personnel, in harm's way.  I have not seen anything so ugly since we learned from Secretary Gates that Senator Clinton opposed the surge to protect her left flank in the 2008 primaries.

The report also raises some interesting questions about the people behind it:

1) Most of them support abortion at any cost but consider water boarding a small group of high valued prisoners is wrong; and,

2) Enhanced interrogation techniques are "a stain" but killing innocent women and children with drones is cool.

President Obama has done the usual dance.   He is caught between reality and fantasy, too.  After all, his CIA Director just said this: 
"For someone to say that there was no intelligence of value, of use that came from those detainees…I think that lacks any foundation at all.” 
Again, this report was partisanship of the ugliest kind.     However, get ready for lots of these "distractions" over the next two years.   The Obama presidency is failing miserably and the left needs something else to "chat about" because "hope and change" is not fun anymore!

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The CIA report controversy PLUS budget battles


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