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Wanted: A little more class from the House of Obama

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How bad are the Democrats taking their 2016 defeat? Pretty bad, to say the least.   
The latest example comes from former First Lady Michelle Obama.   
This is  what I am talking about: Mrs. Obama called her husband the good parent and President Trump the bad parent!    
She said that President Obama was the country’s “parent” who told you to “eat your carrots and go to bed on time,” while Trump instead is the kind of “parent” who lets their children “eat candy all day and stay up late.”
Is that stupid or what?    
Also, Trump’s children have turned out rather well. Let’s wait and see how the Obama girls turn out before we start talking about parenting.
Since Mrs. Obama started this, let me tell you how President Obama was not a good parent:
1) He made a ton of ObamaCare promises that did not come true. Worse than that, he never admitted his mistakes.   
2) He drew a line in Syria and then never enforced it. We are watching right now the terrible consequences of that weakness:   
President Trump slammed former President Barack Obama on Sunday for not crossing his stated “red line” with Syria, amid reports of a suspected chemical attack that left at least 40 dead near the capital, while also warning Russia and Iran there will be a “big price to pay” for backing the Assad regime.
Again, I’d rather not get into an argument with a former First Lady. At the same time, I’d wish we live in a political landscape where former First Ladies spoke graciously about their husband’s successors, as we saw with Mrs. Laura Bush and others.
Add to this Jimmy Kimmel making fun of Mrs. Trump’s accent and it’s been a really bad week for class and civility.
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January 2007: A "golpe" by Hugo

A post from January 2007:

Hugo Chavez is quite a man. He wins an election and now wants to run the country by decree.

Did the people of Venezuela expect this? Probably not. Why did Chavez even hold an election?

Hugo Chavez is a prime example of why the US needs to cut its oil imports. Chavez is a problem because he is earning billions from oil exports.

Let's hope that cooler heads prevail in Venezuela. We need a democratic Venezuela not another tyrant in Latin America.

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January 2007: Do these people hate war or the US

A post from January 2007:

Did you see the signs at the antiwar demonstrations? Do these people hate war or the US?

In sheer numbers, it was a disappointment. According to polls, the country has turned against the war. Shouldn't you get more than 50,000 people in Washington?

Also, where were the politicians? Was any major presidential candidate there? The answer is no. Why not? Because the Democrats understand that these marchers are poison.

Contrast the anti-war demonstrations with the pro-life turnout. More people turned out against Roe v. Wade than the Iraq War.

January 2007: Another Cuban American success story

A post from January 2007:

This is a wonderful story. See For Northeastern's Adrian Martinez, life full of contrasts:
"Adrian Martinez once played basketball on rundown playground courts in Cuba. At times the backboards were made of rotting wood and bicycle tire rims doubled as basketball rims."
Today, he is playing for a Northeastern team that is 7-15 (5-6 in the Colonial Athletic Association). He is also working on a degree in criminal justice and work toward a master's in sports leadership.

What a great story!

No need to call for a Kimmel boycott

January 2007: Why is Chavez buying Russian anti-aircraft missiles?

A post from January 2007:

This is an amazing story:
"Venezuela is buying three batteries of Russian Tor-M1 anti-aircraft missiles. These would be used to protect key Venezuelan assets from attack by, well, you never know. 
Each battery costs about $100 million, and consists of search radar and command center vehicles, as well as four missile launcher vehicles (each carrying eight missiles, and another radar.) 
The missiles can hit aircraft up to 12 kilometers away, and cruise missiles at a distance of five kilometers. The missile launcher vehicle has a crew of thee (commander, driver and missile systems operator)."

Hugo Chavez is throwing away Venezuela's money!

Mr. Zuckerberg: Unsafe to what community?

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According to Facebook, "The hilarious duo of Diamond and Silk is a danger to society"!

Really?  What's the threat?   Two young black women make videos and show their support President Trump.   

This is a threat to who?   I've seen some of TV appearances and they are hilarious and straight talking ladies.

Again, a threat to what community?    Has Mr. Zuckerberg checked the criticisms of President Trump on his pages?

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Interesting election news from Hungary

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Interesting election news from Hungary:   "Viktor Orb├ín: re-election of Hungary’s anti-immigrant leader is major challenge for EU".

According to news reports, the election confirms the growing concerns about unchecked immigration and refugees.   

Orban's victory was huge:  he won nearly 75% of the vote and his party will enjoy a super majority in Parliament.

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Dear Mr. Zuckenberg

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