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The Texas border wall and more with George Rodriguez

The Texas border wall and more with George Rodriguez 06/17 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

Guests: George Rodriguez, South Texas conservative.......Texas and the border wall and other to listen:

Thursday’s video: Biden meets Putin and memories of previous meetings

Thursday’s video: 
Biden meets Putin and memories of previous meetings 
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Wait to see if Russia, China, or Iran makes a move down the road

(My new American Thinker)

As expected, the media are obsessed with the Biden-Putin meeting.  They are already telling us that the world loves Biden because he is not Trump.  It's only a matter of time before we hear that the world's bad guys will confess their sins and release all their political prisoners because Biden is not Trump.

Well, it's not that easy.  In fact, we may not know for a while what Putin really thinks of Biden.  It may take a bit of time before we see the results of this meeting.

Back in 1961, Soviet leader Khrushchev met President Kennedy, and nuclear missiles showed up in Cuba a few months later.  It happened because the Soviet leader concluded that the American president could be pushed around.  By October 1962, the world was on the brink of nuclear war because of a perception in Vienna 15 months earlier.

Back in 1986, Gorbachev of the USSR met Reagan of the USA.  It was obvious from the photos that Reagan was the alpha male that day.  It did not take long for Gorbachev to tell his team that Reagan could not be pushed around.  Three years later, the Berlin Wall fell.  Five years later, Gorbachev and his wife were under house arrest because of a coup.

So let's wait a few months to judge the Biden-Putin summit.  Unlike the aforementioned meetings, there are other parties that will watch the meeting — i.e., China and Iran.

At the moment, Iran has a couple of warships headed to Venezuela.  My guess is that these are not cruise ships of Iranian tourists looking for sunshine at Isla Margarita.

This week, China sent 28 military planes into airspace controlled by Taiwan.

In a couple of weeks, the Putin-Biden meeting will be largely off the front pages.  We will be chasing other topics.  We will see what really happened at the Biden-Putin meeting when our adversaries make their move down the road.

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A word about June 17

We remember June 17:

On this day in 1885, The Statue of Liberty arrived in New York.  It came by ship from France in 350 individual pieces packed in more than 200 cases.    A year later, President Cleveland dedicated the Statue.

We remember David Concepcion who was born in Venezuela on this day in 1948.  Dave was more than a great defensive infielder:  He hit .267 with 2,326 hits

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Happy # 78 Newt Gingrich

We say happy birthday to New Gingrich who was born on this day in 1943.

This is a 2018 review of Newt Gingrich's new book about President Trump by Barry Casselman:


As a literary author and national journalist for many decades,

I have come to know many writers. Many of the books I read
and enjoy most are by these acquaintances and friends, and

this presents me with an obvious dilemma in writing about or

reviewing their books.

Book reviews are an art form in their own right, especially
those about works of fiction and poetry. Reviews of non-fiction
books can serve as a starting point or foundation for the
reviewer’s own views on a subject. And then there are those
books which are so necessary they merit a straightforward
alert to readers.

Newt Gingrich’s newest book Trump’s America is just such a 

In full disclosure, Newt Gingrich has been a friend and. on 
occasion, a collaborator, for more than three decades. I will 
let my readers decide if what I now say about his new book
is fair and useful.

The former speaker of the U.S. house, himself a serious
presidential candidate in 2012, was among the earliest figures
to see the eventual 2016 electoral success of candidate Donald
Trump. I know that is so because of conversations with him
long before I realized it.

He unambiguously predicted Trump’s nomination and
subsequently his victory over Hillary Clinton in the November 
election. Since President Trump took office, he has consistently
explained his actions and views in articles, TV appearances, 
and books. Although clearly and constantly favorable to Mr.
Trump, he has always exercised his right to be critical of the
president when he disagreed with him.

Some might characterize Gingrich as a cheerleader or advocate
for Donald Trump, and I think it would be fair to do so. But that
does not diminish the value of Gingrich’s writing on the subject
because the whole phenomenon of Donald Trump’s candidacy
and subsequent presidency is so unprecedented and so often
misunderstood that lucid analysis and explanation is vitally
important for both his partisans and his opponents.

As in his previous book Understanding Trump, Newt Gingrich 
continues to be the most incisive diagnostician of the Trump
phenomenon and the political environment which surrounds it.
Yes, his new Trump's America is a partisan account, but that
does not lessen its value, especially to the many Democrats,
and not a few Republicans, who dislike and/or disagree with
the president’s views and style.

For much of the Trump candidacy, and during all of his 
presidency, I have been urging my readers, whether they are for
or against Mr. Trump, to put aside their stereotypes of him as
well as the biased media conventional wisdom about him, and
try to understand the underlying reality of his appeal to voters,
and what the president is saying or doing. His Democratic Party
opponents especially need to do this if they are to successfully
provide n credible alternative to him.

So Trump’s America is not only a must-read for the president’s
supporters, but also for his opponents. Mr. Gingrich has become
the most articulate diagnostician of contemporary American 
politics. Unlike many of his colleagues on the right and the left,
he is open to new political and technological developments, and
bold enough to try to explain them.

You need not agree with Newt Gingrich, or with Donald Trump,
to gain much from reading Trump’s America. It is a necessary
and timely book.

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Happy # 78 Barry Manilow

Image result for barry manilow images
We say happy birthday to Barry Manilow who was born on this day in 1943. 

Manilow started his career writing music jingles for commercials.  

In 1974, he hit the charts with “Mandy” and went to sell over 80 million records worldwide.     

We remember Manilow as a great performer and songwriter.
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Happy # 73 David Concepcion

David Concepción Nº 13 Rojo de Cincinnati. | Ysmael Quero | Flickr

We remember David Concepcion who was born in Venezuela on this day in 1948.   He turned into one of the greatest shortstops in NL history.    

Dave broke in with the Reds in 1970 and was one of the key parts of the teams that won 4 NL titles and the World Series in 1975 & 1976.  
Dave was more than a great defensive infielder:  He hit .267 with 2,326 hits.    

In my opinion, Dave should be in the Hall of Fame, as Tyler Duma wrote in 2012:
There are 22 shortstops in the Hall of Fame as of 2012. When placed in that group of players, Concepcion ranks ninth in HR, 10th in SB, 11th in hits and RBI, 15th in SLG and 19th in AVG and OBP.
He won five Gold Gloves (four straight from 1974-77), back-to-back Silver Sluggers (1981-82) and made nine all-star teams (eight straight from 1975-82).   
Add to all of this that Concepcion was a quiet leader in a team that included Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, Joe Morgan and Pete Rose.
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