Thursday, October 17, 2019

Trump in Dallas & The Democrats debate plus more

Trump in Dallas & The Democrats debate plus more 10/17 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Trump in Dallas.....The Democrat debates and the folly of starting so early.....Biden and cash flow problems? Pelosi vs Trump..........San Francisco 1989 earthquake........and more to listen:

Thursday’s show: The folly of so many early debates....

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Thursday’s show: 

The folly of so many early debates.....

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Does Biden’s campaign have a cash flow problem?

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Former VP Biden has a Ukraine problem, and “gaffes” follow him everywhere, such as the one about people ‘clipping coupons in the stock market‘.
He may have an bigger one, as we see in this report:  
Former Vice President Joe Biden burned through his campaign donations at a blistering pace over the summer — spending more than he took in and leaving himself just a fraction of the cash available to his better-funded rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination.
Biden’s campaign entered October with $8.98 million remaining in its bank account, after spending more than $17.6 million during the July-to-September quarter.
Biden raised $15.7 million during the quarter, according to a report filed by his campaign on Tuesday, shortly after the conclusion of the fourth Democratic presidential debate.
The cash Biden has remaining a little more than three months before the Iowa caucuses puts him at a financial disadvantage to rivals such as Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who reported having more than $33 million stockpiled for the primary slog ahead.
We call that a “cash flow” problem.  It usually does not end well.
It’s not clear when this problem started.  At the same time, it does not matter, because cash is necessary to open all of those offices in Iowa and New Hampshire.  
Will Mr. Biden be dropping out?  He may not have a choice unless he can get his son Hunter to make a deposit to the campaign bank account.  
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2006: Navarette blamed Democrats!

Back in 2006, we had a very good discussion about immigration reform.   It was based on the Kennedy-McCain bill.   It got us nowhere and it was ultimately defeated.

According to Ruben Navarette:
"Who killed immigration reform? The autopsy shows it was Senate Democrats." 
I am glad that a Hispanic columnist like Navarette is pointing out that Democrats killed the Senate deal.  In retrospect, it looks like Republicans had a good compromise but Democrats wanted an issue for the weekend marches.

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