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Texas vs DOJ round one plus Ohio primaries plus other stories

Texas vs DOJ round one plus Ohio primaries plus other stories 08/04 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

Texas vs DOJ round one...Ohio primaries good for Trump not so good for the wokes....Concern within Democrat Party that they will lose the Congress...Texas Democrats in Washington.....Nolan Ryan vs Robin Ventura 1993...
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Wednesday’s video: Texas loses first round

Wednesday’s video: 
Texas loses first round 
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How is it playing in Texas?

The current Texas legislature session will end on August 8 and the new one starts the next day.  The governor will continue to start new sessions until he signs the vote integrity law or they run out of money to support the Texas gang in Washington.  My money is on Governor Greg Abbott winning this contest.  The governor has time and the votes to move on.  The Democrats in Washington do not have the votes and depend on someone paying their hotel bills.

The Texas Democrats were visited by fellow liberals over the last couple of days.  It's nice but won't change a thing.  It's sort of like your friend leaving you a voice mail after you got an eviction notice:  "Bro, I'm sorry to hear that and we'll be thinking of you"

Last, but not least, Senator Joe Manchin is not supporting the "For the People Act".  My guess is that the people of West Virginia are not into federalizing elections.  

They are not getting help from President Biden either.   He seems focused on an infrastructure bill and the Delta variant has not helped the Texans get their phone calls returned in Washington.  

Even Beto, the self appointed defender of voting rights, is showing a little anger.  This is what he said:    

“We have not gotten to that level of urgency that this crisis demands from us,” O’Rourke said in an interview ahead of the march.   

I guess not, my friend Beto.

To my knowledge, there is no polling data on how this detour to Washington is playing back in Texas.  My gut feeling is that the Democrats have not gained many votes but have put their fellow legislators in competitive districts in trouble. Add redistricting to the mix and it won't be pretty.

A liberal friend at church, who voted for Senator Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 primary, put it this way:  "Okay, you made your point.  Come home and do something about it in 2022."

One way or another, they will return to Texas.  My only question is whether anyone will show up to greet them.

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What can we learn from the old "brasero" program?

Image result for us mexico flag images

On this in 1942, the US and Mexico signed  The Mexican Farm Labor Agreement.   

In 1953, Pres. Eisenhower expanded the "brasero program" because thousands of Mexicans were crossing over and working illegally in the post-war housing boom in the Southwest.

It was killed in 1965 by President Johnson. Looking back, President Johnson made a huge mistake to please the labor unions, as John Fund wrote years ago:

"I've written before about how President Eisenhower's Bracero guest-worker program reduced arrests of illegal aliens at the border from over a million in 1954 to only 45,000 by 1959. 
The number of arrests remained under 100,000 a year until 1964, when President Lyndon Johnson ended the program under pressure from labor unions."
The "brasero" program worked for two reasons:

1) It established a legal framework for hiring Mexican workers; and,

2) It understood that most Mexicans just wanted to come here to work. They just wanted an opportunity to work, make some dollars and go back home.

Let's revive a modern version of "brasero". Give people a chance to come here, work and go back to Mexico with a pocketful of dollars!

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