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We will discuss the Kenosha trial and "not guilty" verdict with Bruce Woodhull

We will discuss the Kenosha trial and "not guilty" verdict with Bruce Woodhull 11/21 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

Guest: Bruce Woodhull, author.........We will discuss the Kenosha trial and 'not guilty' verdict.........and more to listen:

Rittenhouse vs. Biden, the next thriller


(My new American Thinker post)

Back in August 2020, then-candidate Joe Biden compared Kyle Rittenhouse to a "white supremacist."  Why?  Does Mr. Biden know Kyle personally?  The answer is no, but that's what many did in the summer of peaceful protests.

On Friday, Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty, and President Biden could not control himself again.  On the one hand, he said that we should respect the jury's decision, but then he expressed anger and concern over the verdict.

First, why is the president of the U.S. getting involved in a trial?  Yes, it received national attention, but why does the president have to say something about everything?

Second, what impact will all of this have on people who may get violent?  Won't they conclude that the trial was rigged because the president and others are concerned about it?

Third, concerned about what?  What specifically is he concerned about?  Shouldn't he explain that to the nation?  I would like to know why he is concerned.  How exactly did the system fail us?

My guess is that President Biden wanted to have it both ways, say something presidential, and then cave again to the crazy left.  Why?  That's what a weak leader does.

Kyle Rittenhouse needs a few days off, and then I hope that he goes after the president and a few others.  I like what John Kass wrote about this:

And now, what next?

What happens to corporate media — and its phony social justice warrior pundits — who savaged Rittenhouse and used race, when race had nothing to do with the case? They egged on the mob that screamed for the young man's head on a pike, and now they're still at it even after the verdict. They got their clicks out of him, and now they expect what, exactly? That we'll forget how they howled even before the first witness testified?

And what of the politicians, from President Joe Biden on down, who falsely and maliciously defamed the teenager as a "white supremacist" before trial, though no such evidence was ever presented. Biden and company fed him to the mob, stepping on justice for votes.

Can you sue a president for libel, even a witless meat puppet like The Big Guy?

I don't know if you can sue a president.  It would be nice to try to force President Biden to explain why he is concerned about the verdict.  What evidence does the president have that the jury missed?  I would like to know because the verdict reflects the wisdom of twelve people who deliberated carefully and concluded as they did.

Mr. President, you owe the country an explanation or an apology to Kyle Rittenhouse.

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