Sunday, December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas from 30 million Texans

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You don't need a newspaper story to confirm that Texas is growing.  Just look around and see the growth, the new homes and office buildings.  Nevertheless, we did learn this week that there are 30 millions of us in Texas.  This is from the Texas Tribune:   

Fueled by migration to the state from other parts of the country, Texas crossed a new population threshold this year: It is now home to 30 million people.

New estimates released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau put the state’s population as of July 1 at 30,029,572 following years of steady growth. This makes Texas the only state, other than California, with a population of more than 30 million.

Here we come, California!  

And there is more:    

Texas’ population increased by 470,708 people since July 2021, the largest gain in the nation. Texas regularly holds that top spot on the bureau’s annual population updates. Roughly half of that growth came from net domestic migration -- the number of people coming to Texas from other states -- while the other half was split almost evenly between net international migration and natural increase, which is the difference between births and deaths.

Cheers for Texas.  The rapid growth does have its concerns, from traffic jams and constant construction on the highways.  It's difficult to get around despite all the new toll roads and HOV lanes.

Last, but not least, wonder what Santa thinks of having more deliveries in Texas.  Maybe he will add that George Strait tune to his playlist about Christmas time in Texas:    

When Santa Claus slips over the border

It'll sound a little different when he sings

'Cause he'll hear those twin fiddle's playin'

Christmas songs with a touch of western swing

There may not be snow in San Antonio

But it's a Texas Christmas to me

Merry Christmas everybody from 30 million of us in the Lone Star State.

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