Friday, October 26, 2018

A pompous endorsement for Beto from the Dallas Morning News

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Not a surprise, but the same Dallas Morning News that endorsed Hillary Clinton for President in 2016 is now endorsing Beto O’Rourke for the U.S. Senate.
Again, not a shock.  I told several friends last weekend that I expected this endorsement.  All you have to do is read their editorials.  I don’t exaggerate when I say that a lot of people in the area have canceled their subscriptions over the newspaper’s leftist tilt.
This is not your father’s Dallas Morning News.  This is something else, and less relevant than ever, based on their recommendations and the actual results.
On Thursday morning, The DMN started their endorsement of O’Rourke this way:  
When, in the course of human events, a people become so divided among themselves that they can no longer engage in meaningful political discourse or even remain civil to one another, it is time to take bold steps forward.
Then they go on reminding us how Ted Cruz has contributed to the divisions in the country.
The endorsement reminds us that President Ronald Reagan and Speaker Tip O’Neill used to talk to each other. Indeed they did!  It happened because the late Speaker O’Neill was not a socialist, left-leaning Democrat intoxicated with some derangement syndrome.
Then they tell us that they love Beto’s tone. They really love Beto, don’t they?  
In fact, O’Rourke has contributed little to uniting the country, from frantic calls to impeach President Trump or voting to keep abortion legal after 20 weeks to taking positions out of step with Texas.
But they love Beto, don’t they?   Like President Obama, Beto is the change we’ve been waiting for.   
Then the Dallas Morning News really gets silly:   
O’Rourke is no conservative Democrat.  
His positions on taxes, immigration, the judiciary, federal regulations and health care are further to the left than many statewide voters would like.  
But he is shattering expectations in a state where Democrats haven’t won a statewide race in decades. 
The dollars he has raised and the number of supporters he has garnered are evidence of an embedded hunger in this state and country for a campaign that’s based on unifying communities.
In the divisive times in which we live, we believe that tone and leadership are the top issues with which to judge these candidates’ tenures in office.  
So we’re placing a bet on Beto.
Yes, Beto is shattering expectations because he is the darling of San Francisco and raising money from left-wing corners.  Beto’s phony message of unity hides his voting record, a heck of a lot closer to Nancy Pelosi than our last Democrat Senator Lloyd Bentsen.   
My good guess is that Texas is not ready to place a bet on Beto.    
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