Wednesday, August 04, 2021

August 2009: Memories of Paul McCartney in Dallas!

We remember Paul McCartney at Cowboys' Stadium back in 2009.  This is how Pete Freedman saw it:  
For the first hour or so of Paul McCartney's set at Cowboys Stadium last night, the show had a little trouble gaining traction.     
Blame the set's start; though McCartney opened with the Beatles hit "Drive My Car," then immediately followed things up with one of Wings' best tracks, "Jet," the show seemed to stall in its efforts to really take off--even McCartney's performance of "Blackbird" seemed a little dry.
The fact that, now, with some of the glitz rubbed off of the new stadium, the sound issues in the cavernous space seemed even more noticeable than ever, certainly didn't help, either. It was a shame: Affable as he was on stage, McCartney's performance seemed destined to disappoint. Was this a rock show, or just a live tribute to the man that was?
Then, 16 songs into the night, McCartney addressed the crowd for a moment, just as he had been doing all night long.
"When we were kids back in Liverpool. one of the biggest influences on us was a man from Texas," he said, before calling out Lubbock, and then Buddy Holly, by name, much to the audience's delight. "Here's a song we don't do for everyone. It's special. So we're gonna do it for you."
McCartney and his band then launched into a cover of Holly's "It's So Easy," a performance the crowd lapped up with joy.    
And so it was.   McCartney in Texas and the crowd went home happy!

P.S. Speaking of summers past, Paul McCartney had the # 1 song in the country this week in 1980:  "Coming up"! 




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