Sunday, November 04, 2012

Hispanics: BO is like the guy who wrote you a check "sin fondos"!

My guess is that most Hispanics know about the guy who gives you a check "sin fondos" or one that bounces.

Yes, Hispanics have experience with the charlatan who gives you a check with a smile and then can't get a straight answer about anything.

Yes, Pres BO wrote Hispanics a big check in 2008.  It was full of promises and "coqueteo".  It was exactly the kind of message that seduced a lot of Hispanics who wanted to believe in "hope and change". 

Sadly, too many Hispanics got caught up in the "personality cult" that symbolized the Obama campaign of 2008,

Four years later, "hope and change" is:

1) 11% unemployment in Hispanic communities;

2) public schools that work for the teachers unions in bed with the Dems rather than the parents;

3) 100,000 troops in Afghanistan without a clear mission;

4) indifference toward Latin America...we remind you that BO opposed every free trade agreement, from NAFTA to the Colombian FTA.....he opposed them although he finally implemented them when the GOP took over the House in 2010;

5) a foreign policy that sends mixed signals to Israel; and,

6) "a cover up" about what just happened in Libya.

Hispanics have a chance to send a message in 2012.

Will Hispanics be in the pockets of the Dems party and taken for granted?

Will Hispanics bang on the table and expect results rather than "coqueteo" or "Cinco de Mayo" speeches?

Dear Hispanics:  Take your vote seriously.  Don't take another check from Obama because it will bounce like the first one!

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