Saturday, December 17, 2011

What is Pres BO waiting for to ask AG Holder to leave?

By any executive standard, AG Holder has to go.

If he did not know then that's executive incompetence of unprecedented proportions.

If he did know then he could be guilty of perjury or lying to Congress.

It is a very bad situation no matter how you look at it.

As of today, many congressmen have called for AG Holder's resignation.  Unfortunately, we do not have a single Dem, a rather amazing fact considering that we are talking about putting 2,000 guns across an international border.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner calls it "Obama's Watergate":

"Mr. Holder is a shameless careerist and a ruthless Beltway operative. For years, his out-of-control Justice Department has violated the fundamental principle of our democracy, the rule of law.

He has refused to prosecute members of the New Black Panthers for blatant voter intimidation that took place in the 2008 election.

Career Justice lawyers have confessed publicly that Mr. Holder will not pursue cases in which the perpetrators are black and the victims white. States such as Arizona and Alabama are being sued for simply attempting to enforce federal immigration laws.

Mr. Holder also opposes voter identification cards, thereby enabling fraud and vote-stealing at the ballot box. What else can we expect from one who, during the Clinton administration, helped pardon notorious tax cheat Marc Rich and Puerto Rican terrorists?

Mr. Holder clearly knew about Fast and Furious and did nothing to stop it. This is because the administration wanted to use the excuse of increased violence on the border and weapons-smuggling into Mexico to justify tighter gun-control legislation.

Mr. Holder is fighting ferociously to prevent important internal Justice documents from falling into the hands of congressional investigators. If the full nature of his involvement is discovered, the Obama presidency will be in peril.

Fast and Furious is even worse than Watergate for one simple reason: No one died because of President Nixon’s political dirty tricks and abuse of government power.

But Brian Terry is dead; and there are still 1,500 missing guns threatening still more lives."

Again, how much longer can this corrupt or incompetent man (or both) keep his job?  What is Pres BO waiting for?  Or is Pres BO afraid to dismiss Holder because he is a favorite of the Dem's left wing?

P.S. We spoke with John M Ackerman from Mexico City about this and other issues:

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