Friday, December 16, 2011

AG Holder is playing "the race card" over Texas "voter-ID" laws

The Obama reelection will be all about scaring "Hispanos"!  We saw the first steps of that strategy now that AG Holder is visiting Texas.

Pres BO can not run for reelection telling 'hispanos" about his administration's achievements. 

What's Pres BO supposed to say?

First, "Vote for me" because I made such an effort to reform immigration.  In fact, Pres BO never sent a proposal to Congress.  Worse than that, the Dem controlled Congress never put one for a vote. 

Also, they didn't have the political guts to put The Dream Act to a vote before the elections.  They waited until after the elections so that there would be "zero" electoral consequences.  We call that a profile in political cowardice!

Second, "Vote for me" because my economic policies have been great for Hispanic communities across the country.  On the contrary, Hispanic unemployment has gone up.

So what do you do when you can't run a positive reelection campaign?

You start by playing "the race card" and telling "hispanos" that those terrible Republicans want to take away your right to vote or send your sweet aunt back to Mexico.

It is a pathetic strategy but it is all that a failed president has.

Power Line got it right: "....the Democrats are trying to stir up racial division in order to agitate their party’s base."

Again, this is all about "bucking up" a dispirited Hispanic base that feels left out by a president who promised a lot more than he could deliver.

Again, the facts speak for themselves:  Democrats Dispirited About Voting in 2012

There is more.  This is one of Pres BO's 2008 voters now:

"I loved him in 2008, and right now if this were in a relationship, I'd be talking to a divorce attorney. When you mention Obama, there is a giant, collective sigh." (CNN)

Pres BO, AG Holder and the Dems read these polls too.  They saw what happened in 2010 when Dem "lack of enthusiasm" among blacks and Hispanics resulted in huge losses for the party.

It's here!  The great "negative reelection campaign of 2012" is here and it will only get worse.

Pres BO, and his aides, will try to convince "hispanos" that 2012 is about voting rights, "sending your aunt back to Mexico" and denying little children health care.

It won't work but it will be ugly. 

Finally, I have two questions for AG Holder: 

1)Can someone explain to Texas how 2,000 guns ended up in the hands of Mexican cartels?  Wonder if he will talk about that down in Texas?

2) Why did people have to show a "photo ID" to listen to the Holder speech at the LBJ Library?  Read about it("As each person entered the library they were required to present their photo IDs in order to be allowed in to hear the speech.")

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