Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Resolution # 1 for 2012: A president who wants to lead rather than pretend!

A year from now, we will have Pres BO or a new president.  We will probably have a GOP House and a 50-50 Senate.

What am I really hoping for?  Leadership and more leadership and more leadership.

We need leadership to tackle very difficult problems, specially entitlements and spending.

We are still waiting for Pres BO to deliver a speech calling on Social Security reform. 

We are still waiting for the Senate Dems to pass a budget.

We need a president who will finally tells us that the "something for nothing" era is over. 

Robert Samuelson described our problems perfectly:

"For years, there has been a "something for nothing" aspect to our politics. More people became dependent on government.

From 1960 to 2010, the share of federal spending going for "payments to individuals" (Social Security, food stamps, Medicare and the like) climbed from 26 percent to 66 percent.

Meanwhile, the tax burden barely budged. In 1960, federal taxes were 17.8 percent of national income (gross domestic product).

In 2007, they were 18.5 percent of GDP."

It sounds to me that we've been living under the illusion that 2 plus 2 is 5.  It's time to have a president who will tell us that the answer is 4 and only 4.

As I look forward to 2012, I want leadership because we don't have any of that right now.

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