Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolution 2012: I want a federal government that can GOVERN!

As far as I'm concerned, everybody loses when the President & Congress can not get anything done on time. 

We can not continue to run our country like some "banana republic" where politicians are shouting at each other rather than governing seriously.

Let's start with Pres BO, or the man who is not in the game.  He wants to govern by letting other people carry the load or make the tough calls.

Let's go to the Dem Senate, who have never done a budget in 3 years.   I agree with The Washington Examiner:

"While both parties are share responsibility for the debacle over the payroll tax cut, the Democrat-controlled Senate bears special attention. Under the Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974, Congress must produce a five-year budget plan every year. But in 2010, both the House and Senate failed to do so for the first time since 1974.

After Republicans retook the House in November 2010, they got the lower chamber back on track by approving a 2012 budget plan this past April.

No such luck in the Senate.

It has now been 969 days, almost three years, since Senate Democrats have produced an annual budget plan, as they are required to do by law."

What's the point of paying these people, and their huge staffs?

The GOP House is not perfect, as we just saw with the "payroll tax" episode.  At the same time, the GOP House has passed a budget and voted on bills.

Of course, this "chaos" is the result of "zero" presidential leadership.  As we just mentioned, Pres BO has decided that he is going to drift along and get the credit somehow.

We have a dysfunctional federal government and it can not continue.

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