Friday, December 09, 2011

Pres BO delivers another "class warfare" speech BUT charges $38,500 for a lunch date!

In Obama-world, we can divide "rich people" into two categories:

1) The Republican rich are evil, greedy and responsible for everything, including your neighbor's diet problems; and

2) The Democrat rich, like the Kennedy family, get federal loan guarantees so that they don't have to risk their personal fortunes in "green technology" like Solyndra and others.

Such is the world of President "Class warfare" Obama!

And yes....let's not forget the Dem rich who pay $38,500 to have lunch with Pres BO:

"Democratic Party officials say about 20 people attended the fundraiser at The Jefferson hotel in downtown Washington. Tickets cost $35,800 a person, with the money going to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising account by the Democratic Party and Obama's re-election campaign." (AP)

Yesterday, Pres BO delivered another of his "class warfare" speeches.   It was about "fairness" but nobody really knows what that means.

For example, is it fair for Pres BO to make millions of dollars from writing a book?  Is it fair that he sends his daughters to private schools but black kids in most cities have to attend the under performing schools run by the public teachers' unions that support the Dems?

Is it fair that rich Dems get federal loan guarantees rather than risk their own capital to start businesses?

Is it fair that First Lady MO should get a special plane to go on vacation when we are running huge deficits?  (Special Michelle Hawaii Flight Would Cost Thousands)

Pres BO's Kansas speech confirms some of our worst years:  BO does not understand capitalism or how this nation became such a prosperous country.

Fairness?  Someone needs to add this line to the teleprompter:

"The richest 1% now pays almost 40% of all federal income taxes, up from 25% two decades ago, while the bottom half pays only 2%, down from 6%." (IBD)

Pres BO's problem is that his policies have failed miserably, from a $787 billion that only stimulated public sector unions, to BO-Care, an entitlement that we can't afford when we are running a federal budget deficit of 10% of GDP.

Blaming the rich is a great line when you are a community organizer or a patron of Rev Wright's sermons.  It does not do a thing when you are the president of the US and your polls are tanking.  Worse than that, blaming the rich and calling for fairness won't create jobs or get anyone to expand their business.

We need medicine that promotes economic growth not more of this "class warfare" that divides people and hurts the country.

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