Saturday, December 17, 2011

Taryn Guerrero Davis, my vote for "Texan of the Year"

Every year, The Dallas Morning News nominates several people for "Texan of the Year".  They usually nominate some great Texans, such as Nolan Ryan who has turned the Texas Rangers into a winning baseball organization. 

In recent years, they've nominated Laura Bush, our wonderful First Lady who did so much to fight for the rights of women in Afghanistan and that region.
Over the last few days, they've been presenting their 2011 nominations.  They are all great Texans who've done this or that.

My choice for 2011 is Taryn Guerrero Davis, an amazing young woman who can teach all of us a lesson or two about life.

Her story is absolutely great:

"A wife at 20, Davis was now a widow at 21, alone and struggling with the death of her husband and high school sweetheart, Michael, an Army corporal killed by roadside bombs in Iraq in 2007.  
It happened barely 90 minutes after she had exchanged instant messages with him."

She is 25 today and an advocate for war widows and families:

"American Widow Project, a national support group for spouses of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The group has connected with more than 900 widows and has hosted 16 events around the country, including nine in 2011."

A few years ago, she was a 20 year old young bride looking forward to a happy life with Michael, her high school sweetheart and new husband.

She lost him in Iraq.  She was naturally devastated but turned her loss into an amazing story of helping other widows.

Taryn is my Texan of the Year.  It's hard to think of another person who has done more to make Texas a better place to live:

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