Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some thoughts about the end of the Iraq War!

We all knew that US troops would leave Iraq someday.  It was definitely Pres Bush's policy to retire troops by the end of 2011.  After all, it was Pres Bush who agreed on such a timeline back in 2008.

A few days ago, Pres BO  gave a speech that left a lot us thinking about the past, or the past when candidate BO opposed the surge and call this a "dumb war".

We understand that Pres BO is the commander-in-chief and had the responsibility to speak to the troops.  However, it would have been nice, and good for the country, if he had said a positive word about Pres Bush.

First, it would have been well received by the troops.  We forget that Pres Bush and VP Cheney were very popular with the troops.

Second, it would have been good for the country.  We could use a little "unity" at at time like this.  Who would have been angry if Pres BO had given Pres Bush a little "credit" for sticking with the plan and bringing about the end of the war?

Yes, there were many parts of the speech that were good.  Pres BO recognized the troops' hard work and that was good.

In the end, Pres BO was all about him.  He was all about that "end the war promise" although this is not the promise that he actually made as a candidate.

Last, but not least, there is something wrong with a president who will not say anything good about his predecessor. 

I remember Pres Clinton complimenting Pres Bush's leadership in the Gulf War. 

I remember Pres Bush saying some nice things about Pres Clinton when the White House unveiled his portrait.

Again, it speaks volumes that a man will not say a good word about the predecessor who handed him Iraq in better shape than he founded in 2001.

Looking forward, Iraq will face many challenges.  Like South Korea in the 1950's, Iraq will have to deal with political unrest and foreign threats.

Frankly, I'd prefer if we had left some troops to show Iran, and enemies of democracy, that we are serious about the future.

We can say this:  Pres BO now owns Iraq and let's hope that everything works out well!

We spoke with Mercer Tyson about this on Tuesday night:

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