Friday, December 02, 2011

School choice is one of the ways that we talk to Hispanics!

We hear a lot about immigration reform.  However, immigration reform is "conversation only" for most Hispanics in the US.  In other words, most Hispanics are legally here or represent generations settled in the US for a century or more.

Again, immigration reform is just conversation for those Hispanics.

"School choice" is not.  "School choice" is a real world idea that should connect the conservative movement with Hispanics.

What's school choice?  It is simply giving parents the "choice" of where to send their kids to school.  It means that they can select the public schools or take a voucher to a private school.

It's simple: the parents decide!

Who pays?  The parents still do.  Aren't they paying today with their property taxes?

What are the benefits to Hispanic parents?  They can hold teachers and administrators accountable. 

In other words, Hispanic parents will hold the voucher that allows them to "vote" with their money and pull their kids out of bad schools.

Last, but not least, these "vouchers" will allow parents to put their kids (if they desire) in religious schools.   Parents won't be forced to hear stories about public education bureaucrats objecting to words like "Christmas" in December!

My guess is that this last point will be of great interest to the very religious Hispanic community.

How do you connect with millions of Hispanics disenchanted with "si se puede"? 

You talk to Hispanics about jobs and choice for their kids!  

Check out our conversation on Thursday night with Israel Ortega of The Heritage Foundation:

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