Thursday, December 08, 2011

The trouble with NY, and California, is that everybody would rather pay lower taxes in Texas!

It won't be long before the NFL Giants move their home games to Dallas, Texas!

Just drive around the Dallas area and you will see lots of Giants, Jets and 49ers fans who still love their teams but would rather pay lower taxes in Texas.

New York and California used to be the centers of economic activity.  Today, they are struggling with very high taxes, out of control public sector unions and anti-business attitude that keeps driving "jobs creators" to Texas.

Yes, Texas is now where everything is happening.  Texas leads the country in job creation because we have a Republican Legislature that understands that "job creators" are heroes not people who should be harassed with regulations.

The WSJ editorial today illustrates the problem:

"New York and California were once America's economic growth engines, but their political leaders seem determined to keep them sputtering. Their Democratic Governors are now pushing big new tax increases in the name of soaking the rich and balancing their budgets, as if that same strategy hadn't put them in their current fiscal straits."

Yes, it's that "tax the rich" garbage again.   Wonder how that "tax the rich" strategy is working for Pres Obama?

To be honest, we are delighted that New York and California are raising taxes and "out to get the rich".

We are thrilled because it drives the "rich" to Texas where we welcome them with open arms.

Why do we love "the rich" in Texas?

First, they start businesses and create jobs. 

Second, they buy homes, cars and their wives go shopping at all of those nice malls around town.

Third, they pay property taxes and keep our schools going.

Fourth, they generate lots of tax revenue when they cheer for the Yankees and Giants at the local venues.

Fifth, they usually vote Republican because they've seen how "tax the rich" and other meaningless slogans have crippled their home states.

Sixth, they are generous and help promote the arts.  They also donate to our wonderful universities.

Last, but not least, they keep our population growing and that means that we will have more Electoral Votes than NY and all of those overtaxed states of the north.

Dear Rich People: Welcome to Texas!  We love people here who create jobs!

Speaking of the US economy, we spoke about unemployment and the euro-crisis with Mario Yngerto and Dr Ileana Johnson-Paugh:

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