Sunday, December 18, 2011

The "class warfare" & "race card" strategies are NOT working for Pres BO & AG Holder!

The Obama White House is getting a lot of bad polling data these days.  

We understand that the election is still 11 months away but they can't be cheering at the BO campaign headquarters about these numbers.

Our friends at Power Line have a summary of public reaction to a couple of the latest moves:

"While stirring racial division may help energize the Democrats’ base, it appears that the anti-ballot integrity movement will not be popular with the broader electorate.

Scott Rasmussen finds that an overwhelming 75% support photo ID requirements. 

Eric Holder, meanwhile, is increasingly unpopular, with 19% favorable/43% unfavorable ratings among likely voters. 

This probably relates mostly to Fast and Furious, but Holder is not a strong figure to carry the anti-ballot security message.

The Democrats also hope to stir up their base by attacking state efforts to curb illegal immigration. 

Here, too, they are paddling the canoe uphill, as likely voters say, by a 52%/34% margin that they would like their state to enact an immigration law like Arizona’s."

Translation:  It is not working!  (
President Obama’s Ratings Are Consistently Low)

The public is smart enough to understand that "photo IDs" are not racist.   Besides, what exactly is the objection of asking someone to show a photo ID before voting?

They also see through AG Holder's bizarre explanations about putting 2,000 guns in the hands of people terrorizing the US-Mexico border.   I think that it's become very clear that "helping Mexico" fight cartels had nothing to do with these weapons.  Unlike Pres Bush, who signed The Merida Plan to help Mexico, this "Fast & Furious" was all about putting guns in Mexico and blaming Texas gun shops operating legally here.

Last, but not least, the voters give Arizona, and other states, credit for trying to fix the illegal immigration problem in the absence of presidential leadership.   What are people supposed to do when killers with dangerous weapons walk through your backyard and BO & Holder do not answer the phone? 

Perhaps, this is why another poll reports: 
More than half say President Obama should not be re-elected!

The Obama White House has decided that they need to get their base excited again with a rerun of "yes we can" and "si se puede".  They desperately need a massive turnout of minorities like in 2008.

Based on some recent analysis, it appears that the base  is yawning rather than cheering these days!  Nobody seems to be watching the "yes we can" reruns anymore.

Also, they are turning off the broader electorate with divisive messages about putting one group against another.  

In 2008, candidate BO conveniently dropped his membership in Rev Wright's Church.   BO may have left the church but Rev Wright's "class warfare" & "race card" messages did not leave him.

Someone needs to tell Pres BO that Americans have never bought the "class warfare" message!  Americans do not hate rich people.  Instead, they aspire to be successful and prosperous.  They actually appreciate the opportunity that our free market economy gives the hardworking to succeed and live a better life. 

The reelection strategy is off and running BUT it is not working. 

Check our chat with George Rodriguez about AG Holder:

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