Tuesday, December 13, 2011

566 reasons to give parents "school choice"!

We learned today that too many of our Texas public schools are under performing:

"The Texas Education Agency reported that 566 campuses made the list because of low test scores or “unacceptable” ratings......" (DallasNews)

Yes, parents can transfer their students but it's not so easy:

"Statewide, only a small number of the estimated 395,000 students eligible to transfer from schools on the list — representing about 1 in 14 campuses — are expected to do so because the state provides no funding for transportation. 

Officials have cited lack of transportation as one of the biggest obstacles for students and parents interested in switching to other schools."

So where are we?  The schools are under performing and the parents have no practical means to transfer to another campus. 

How about this idea?  Give each family in these schools a voucher and let them "choose" a school.

As we've said before, our current public education system works well for many and that's a good thing.  However, it does not for others, specially the black and Hispanic kids who are stuck in the inner cities.

Give parents a choice.   Break up the monopoly of public education.  Give parents the option of sending their kids to a school that performs rather than stuck in one of these 566 public schools that does not.

P.S. We spoke about this on our recent show about school choice:

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