Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The states know best: Let the states tackle immigration!

Where are we in the immigration debate? 

The answer is very simple:  There won't be a federal immigration reform solution if that means that 10-12 million people here will be "legalized" or put on some path to citizenship.

Also, don't expect the Obama administration to do anything beyond another "Cinco de Mayo" speech or telling "hispanos" what they want to hear at the next meeting of The National Council of La Raza!

President "Coqueteo Obama" is all that you can expect on the issue of immigration reform.  He will do a lot of talking but there won't be an Obama immigration proposal sent to Congress.  It did not happen when he had the super majority of 60 votes.  It won't happen today.

Frankly, Pres BO can't even get a "jobs bill" through a Democrat Senate!   How in the world is he going to get Sen Dems, about a dozen up for reelection in places like Missouri and Montana, to go along with some immigration reform proposal?

It won't happen!   Obama is "no se puede" when it comes to immigration reform.  Hispanos should bet on Obama at their own risk!

What is next?  How do we work with the 10-12 million already here? Let the states deal with it.

I'm not talking about citizenship or green cards.  I'm talking about "work permits" that would allow most of these people already here a chance to work legally in the US.  My idea does not apply to people who do not live in the US.  They need to go through the existing channels at the embassy or consulate.  Again, I'm talking only about people already living and working in the US!

We saw something like this in Utah before the Obama administration sued the state.  We hear that California is trying to put a similar measure for a vote in 2012.

I'm all for the states experimenting with "work permits".  It is better than the lack of response coming from the federal government.

How can such a program work in Texas?

First, you can start by giving all of those here a "grace period" to identify themselves at a state office. 

Second, they will have to pay a fine, get "finger-printed" and identify their families.   We need to know who is in the US!

Third, they will have to demonstrate that they've filed tax returns.  Otherwise, they will have to pay an additional fine for violating our tax laws.

Fourth, the "work permit" is simply about working in the state.  Again, this is not about residency or citizenship.

Fifth, the states are closer to the employers' needs.  They understand their economy better than bureaucrats in Washington DC.

In a perfect word, it'd better if we had a federal solution.  However, we do not have the appetite in either party to tackle such an issue.

Let the states do it.  My guess is that most employers will be happy about it because they will finally have a verification process that they can work with. 

Of course, some of the people will have to return to their country.  Some won't be hired once the employers have to hire them legally.  However, most of them will probably qualify for some "work permit" that will allow them to work in the US.

It is not a perfect solution but it beats the dysfunctional system that we have today.

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