Monday, December 19, 2011

The ACLU is the latest to express disappointment with Pres BO!

It's been a tough Obama term for all of those who voted for change.  In fact, Pres BO's anti-terror policies have been more about "continuity" than "change".

A couple of days ago, "hope and change" found a new harsh critic: The ACLU

During the Bush years, and specially the Obama presidential campaign, the left in the US had a lot of fun beating up Pres Bush over GITMO and the indefinite detention of terrorists.

They called it "the Bush police state".

Of course, Pres Bush never locked up any of his critics or irresponsible newspapers like The NY Times that published national secrets.

Yes, "the Bush police state" tolerated dissent and a free press!  What a "police state"!

As a candidate, BO went out of his way to beat up on Pres Bush.  He advocated closing GITMO because it "recruited" terrorists.  He wanted us to be popular by living up to our traditions although he never actually explained what in the world he was talking about.

Pres BO has met reality.  "Hope and change" is now just a memory in the minds of those who subscribed to this nonsense.

GITMO is open because a Dem Congress did not want the responsibility of closing it and having to place the detainees in a prison in their districts.

We now hear that indefinite detention will continue, specially for terrorists.

Don't get me wrong.  I think that we should hold terrorists indefinitely. 

However, it makes me ask that question again:  Was BO that naive or was he just a cynical Democrat telling a lot of "jumping yes we can screamers" what they wanted to hear?

Based on the equally cynical "class warfare campaign", put me down as one of those who thinks that 2008 was all about telling "yes we can screamers" what they wanted to hear!

Don't blame me!  I voted for McCain!  

In the meantime, some in the left are indeed furious with Pres BO.  See Cenk Uygur: Obama Worse Than Bush.

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