Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Yes...the GOP has a big problem with women who support abortion, socialized medicine and free birth control pills

We've been hearing a lot about the GOP and women.  According to a new poll, support from women is driving up Pres BO's ratings.

However, is there anything really new in this poll?

From Pres Nixon to Pres GW Bush, the GOP has carried the gender gap "burden".  However, the GOP won 7 of 10 elections from 1968 to 2004.

Pres BO's election in 2008 was not about "the gender gap".  It was really about a larger than usual voter turnout among blacks, Hispanics and college students.  

William Gurn of The WSJ has a few thoughts about the aforementioned poll and 2012.  I agree with Mr Gurn is that this poll is a bit confusing and hard to follow.

My guess is that women will vote in 2012 in much the same way that they've voted for the last 50 years:

1) Married women, specially those with children, will vote GOP.  This is the one group that reelected Pres Bush in 2004 because they wanted a president who'd protect the homeland, i.e. their children!  (2008 Married women voted for McCain over BO, 53-44%)

2) Single women will vote Dem.  This is also true of single mothers who depend on government services for support.  Unfortunately, the government has become the "father" and "husband" in many of these single mother households. (Unmarried women voted for BO over McCain)

3) Women who attend church regularly will vote GOP and those who don't attend religious services will vote Dem.  (Gallup)

4) Women who don't support abortion will vote GOP.  Women who think that abortion is a "choice" will vote Dem.

My point is that things have not changed that much, no matter how much the media wants to drum up this "war on women" campaign. 

Also, don't underestimate "pocketbook issues" because women are usually the ones who go shopping and fill up the family car. 

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