Monday, April 09, 2012

Obama '12 will be about everything except BO's record

Pres BO hit bottom last week when he attacked The Supreme Court in front of a couple of world leaders.  A year ago, he bashed the Justices in a State of the Union speech.    

Do you recall a president with so little class in recent memory?

Pres BO's real problem is Pres BO's record.  We have a president who can not run on his record.  He can not say "vote for me" and we will finish what we started.  

Pres BO's 2012 reelection campaign will be about everything except his record.  Get ready for the most divisive election ever.

Let's look at his two major domestic achievements, BO-Care & the stimulus.  

The first one is in the Supreme Court.  26 states have challenged the constitutionality of the law.  Do you recall any other time in US history when 26 of 50 states challenged a law?  My guess is that it would been more than 26 if some Dem governors had the guts to stand up for their states rather than carry the water for a president of their own party.

The second is the now infamous "stimulus", or a stimulus that did not stimulate.  The recession, and specially unemployment, has been too high because employers are afraid to hire.  Again, would you hire anyone?

The "green energy" efforts have been an embarrassment.  We hear that another "green company" is going bankrupt.  Can you say Solyndra? 

The price of gasoline is close to $4.  It was less than $2 when Pres Bush left office.

The Senate Dems have not passed a budget in 3 years.  

The national debt is over $15 trillion and the federal budget deficit is over $1 trillion.

On the foreign policy side, he did kill Osama Bin Laden.  However,  it's hard to figure out our policy with respect to Iran, North Korea, Russia and China.  At the same time, he has managed to upset the UK and Israel.

Do you understand now why 2012 won't be about Pres BO's record?  Do you get it when POLITICO writes that Pres BO is a brand in search of a slogan

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