Sunday, April 08, 2012

Pres BO's "Si se puede" was "muy cinico"

According to Dick Morris, Pres BO faces an enthusiasm gap in 2012.  In other words, there are not a lot of people jumping up and down screaming "yes we can" or "si se puede" anymore.  The thrill is gone as BB King used to sing!

Morris points out that BO's 2008 victory was sort of a perfect storm, i.e. the extraordinary combination of young people, blacks and Hispanos voting in numbers that they had never voted before.  It was a fairy tale and too good to be true.

Hispanos face a moment of truth with respect to Pres BO.  

Here is the question that many Hispanos need to answer:  How much longer are they going to make excuses for Pres BO?

Ruben Navarrette blows up the 'si se puede" story with a step by step account of how candidate BO lied, and continues to lie, about his record. 

Ruben reminds us that it was then Senator BO who was for the labor unions and against a compromise that would have given millions here an opportunity for a work visa. 

Ruben reminds us that the Dem party has done nothing to promote immigration reform.  Also, the Dem party did not take up "The Dream Act" until after the 2010 election or when there were zero political consequences for Congress.

We hope that the Spanish speaking media will make Ruben's article required reading in their newsrooms.  We further hope that Spanish speaking journalists will challenge Pres BO to answer questions in 2012.  Unfortunately, they didn't in 2008!

Aren't you tired of hearing Pres BO tell Spanish journalists that the terrible GOP stands in the way of an immigration resolution?  Doesn't that fall in the category of insulting your intelligence?

Here is the legacy of 'si se puede":

1) No serious effort to pass any kind of immigration reform;

2) An annual "5 de Mayo" speech with no follow up to Congress; and,

3) Very high unemployment in Hispanic communities despite that "stimulus" that was supposed to keep unemployment under 8%.

That's the legacy of "si se puede".  It's time for "Hispanos" to start demanding some results rather than cheering the next "Cinco de Mayo" speech.

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