Friday, April 27, 2012

CONFIRMED: The Arizona lawsuit was not about racial profiling or civil rights. It was about distracting hispanos from failed promises & high unemployment

First of all, someone should tell all of those marching outside the court that the Obama administration is not charging Arizona with racial profiling or violations of civil rights.

Let's confirm it with this exchange between Justice Roberts and Mr Verrilli, speaking for the Obama administration:

"“No part of your argument has to do with racial or ethnic profiling, does it?” he asked Verrilli, who agreed." (DallasNews)

This is very important because the Obama administration has been "pandering", and actually lying, to Hispanics over this law.  At the end of the day, the Obama administration is simply saying that the federal government rather than a state has a responsibility over immigration.

Second, it's hard to argue that Arizona is wrong when it simply wants to enforce federal immigration laws.

Again, Arizona did not create immigration laws, open an "Arizona Customs Office", establish an embassy in Mexico City, or issue Arizona passports.  It did not invent laws to enforce.  It simply wants an opportunity to enforce the laws that Dem & GOP Congresses have passed over the years. 

The Obama case looks weak because it was based on purely political reasons.   

The Obama administration, and Dem congressional majorities, did not pass any immigration reform as promised.   They are trying to compensate by scaring and distracting Hispanics that Arizona is some police state where the authorities will target people who look "hispano".  (By the way, what does looking "hispano" look like anyway?)

Again, it does not look like the Justices are buying the arguments.  

At one point, we heard this:

"“You can see it's not selling very well,” Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a member of the court's liberal wing and its first Hispanic justice, told Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr., referring to a central part of his argument against the measure." (DallasNews)

The Obama administration is in real trouble if Justice Sotomayor is not buying their arguments.

It looks like the Arizona law will stand and states will be allowed to do what a weak president does not want to do.   The Justices understand that we live in a nation of laws NOT one where laws are enforced selectively to distract one group from campaign promises not kept.

Our friends at Power Line have a wonderful assessment of the Supreme Court hearing.  I agree with this:

"You can read the entire argument here and draw your own conclusions, but in my opinion, the problem was not with Verrilli but rather with the quality of the arguments that he was required to make by his client, the Obama administration."

Let me say it again.  The Obama administration went after Arizona for purely political and cynical reasons.   

It had nothing to do with the merits of the law.    

It had everything to do with a president who couldn't get his party to pass a law that he promised to pass.  

He didn't do it and now he wants Hispanics to forget about his failure by lying about Arizona. 

My guess is that all of those well meaning people cheering outside the court will be very disappointed in late June. 

Hispanics disappointed again with Obama?  What's new?  Disappointment has been the order of the day since millions of Hispanics subscribed to that fantasy called "si se puede"!

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