Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This is still a White House that can't explain how 2,000 guns "walked over" the border!

We hear that there is a presidential election in Mexico in about 90 days.  

Why is Mexico so silent about this outrageous violation of Mexican sovereignty?  

The Obama administration "handed" dangerous weapons to the Mexican cartels and no one is angry about it.  

Am I missing something?  Am I the only person who thinks that this silence is very strange?

Rep. Jason Chaffetz is one of many Republicans who do not understand why the Obama White House is playing games with the investigation:

"The House Oversight Committee has requested that the Obama administration make former National Security staffer Kevin O’Reilly available for testimony to explain a series of e-mail exchanges in Operation Fast and Furious in order to determine just how far up the chain knowledge of the operation went in the Obama administration...."  (EdM of HotAir)

I ask again:  Why isn't Pres Calderon screaming and calling on Pres BO to release information?

Better than that, why don't we hear more from the Mexican political class about 2,000 high powered weapons killing 300 Mexicans.

I don't get it.   It's astonishing to see such a passive attitude about a US administration "walking over" 2,000 and putting them in the hands of criminals killing Mexicans.

My guess is that most Mexicans are angry about these guns "walking" over their border and into the hands of criminal elements killing innocent people.  

Why don't they have a presidential candidate angry too?  Who will demand an explanation?  

Click here for our chat with Adela Garza, candidate for US House 34.  We discussed the "fast and furious" scandal with Mrs Garza: 

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