Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nobody is dancing the "Hope & Change" in Latin America anymore

We learned today that disenchantment with Pres BO has now spread south of the border:

"Ahead of the president’s trip to the Summit of the Americas this weekend, Gallup reports that Latin America is losing faith in President Obama.

Specifically, the Gallup shows that only 24 percent of respondents in Latin American countries now believe Obama will strengthen ties between Latin America and the U.S.—in 2009, by contrast, that number was 43 percent."

Don't blame me: I voted for McCain!  I warned you that "hope and change" was the biggest farce since the Yugo of the late 1970s.

Today, Pres BO is in Colombia hoping to convince Latin American leaders that his administration is serious about anything south of the border.

Pres BO's problem is that Latin America wants to see some tangible proposals from the US.  They want something more than another "Cinco de Mayo" speech.   They want a president not a man who insults our intelligence with pandering or "coqueteo".

They want a president who wants to work with Latin America, from the deteriorating conditions in Guatemala, to supporting democratic allies like Colombia against Chavez, and expanding trade. 

They want a leader but "leadership and Obama" don't rhyme.  Just ask all of those disenchanted people who fell for the nonsense about closing GITMO, pushing immigration reform with large Dem majorities or undoing the Bush anti-terror policies.

So what's the net result of "Hope & Change"?  We do not have a single Obama initiative regarding Latin America except for closing the border to Mexican trucks in violation of NAFTA.  Again, that's "hope and change"!

We are hearing now that Latin America is disillusioned and feeling neglected.  Wonder why? 

Again, don't blame me.  I voted for McCain! 

P.S. We discussed the US economy and other issues on Friday with Dr. Ileana  Johnson-Paugh:

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