Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pres "Gimmick" proposes more gimmicks to distract and avoid the real issues facing the US

It's been a very tough 3 years for seriousness.  Instead, the Obama administration has been all about avoiding responsibility and telling too many people what they want to hear.

Let's look at where the country is today, or 3 years after a campaign of "hope and change", "cliches" and "slogans": 

1) No serious proposal to deal with entitlement reform.  All we hear from the Obama White House is that Republicans want to throw your grandmother over the cliff.  They criticize Rep Ryan's plan but he had the courage to put a plan on the table.  We don't have one from Pres BO.

2) No serious proposal to deal with our federal budget deficit.  It is now 10% of GDP in contrast to 3% under Pres Bush.  We recall how candidate BO beat up Pres Bush over the deficit.  Yet, it is now 3 times larger than it was before.

3) No speech explaining to the American public what we are doing in Afghanistan and why we must be there.  We recall how Pres Bush spoke often about the national security implications of Iraq, the war on terror, or Afghanistan.  We have not heard such a speech except reminders every 5 minutes that "Obama killed Osama".  It won't be long before we see a campaign commercial of "Navy Seal Obama" leading the brigade to Osama's home.

4) No serious proposal to deal with immigration or border security.  All we hear from the Obama administration is scary talk about "racial profiling".   However, Pres BO's government did did not accuse Arizona of racial profiling or civil rights violations.  AG Holder's brief was about states interfering with the federal government over  immigration issues.   ("Justice Department Sues Arizona for Immigration Law — But Does Not Make Charges of “Discrimination”)

5) A stimulus that injected $787 billion but did not create jobs.

6) Crony capitalism that has "guaranteed loans" for people who contributed the Obama campaign.  By the way, why does Robert F Kennedy, Jr, a very wealthy man, need a loan guarantee anyway?  Why doesn't he use the family estate to finance "green companies".  Why is he risking the taxpayers' money rather than his own?

7) The Democrat Senate has not passed a budget in 3 years.  This is an outrage.

We can go on and on.

Yesterday, Pres BO came out with another of those "gimmicks" that has been the hallmark of his presidency.

Pres BO wants to go after "speculators".  

Again, this is a "gimmick" and not a responsible solution to fix our energy crisis.

High gasoline prices reflect supply and demand.  Unfortunately, Pres "Gimmick" has not done a thing to increase supply, or to unleash the oil resources right here in the US.

Winston Churchill was one of the great men of the 20th century.  He was great because he was a leader rather than a "punter". He said this:

"The price of greatness is responsibility."

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