Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pres BO needs to pay attention to Central America rather than give another "class warfare" speech

What ever happened to US-Latin America relations?  Pres BO was visited last week by PM Harper of Canada & Pres Calderon of Mexico.  Unfortunately, the big news had nothing to do with NAFTA  or Latin America.  The big story was about BO-Care getting grilled by Justices in the US Supreme Court.

Last year, Pres Calderon visited Pres BO and the big story was that Mrs Calderon is a big fan of Matt Sanchez & The NY Jets.

Yes, we don't have much of a US-Latin America policy.   We don't have a policy for Central America either.   We don't have a president who cares a great deal about anything other than deliver "class warfare" speeches to energize his very disillusioned base.

What's wrong with Pres BO's indifference and fascination with dividing the voters?

We face some rather bad security issues.  We need to sit down with Central American governments and expand The Merida Plan negotiated with Mexico in '07.  At the moment, Central American is under siege from well armed cartels tearing up law and order. 

Our drug use is funding a ruthless attack on Central American governments, as well as Mexico.  Unfortunately, no one is talking up here about how drug use translates into people killed in Mexico and Central America.  No one is talking about the destabilization of an entire region if criminal elements continue to advance against law and order south of the border.  

In other words, we need to side with our friends and support them.
Overall, we are not paying attention to our hemisphere.  On the other hand, China really is.  And Iran is also looking to expand its influence.
Our next president needs to reset relations and pay attention to something other than promoting "class warfare", distract "hispanos" from 10.7% unemployment and broken promises.   Yes, we need a president who understands the national security implication of having Mexico & Central American overrun by lawless cartels. 

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