Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dear Ozzie: Stay out of politics and make sure that your outfielders are hitting the cutoff man

There are serious issues in the world, such as last week's pathetic jobs report or North Korea planning to fire a missile that puts Japan, South Korea and much of that region under threat.  (By the way, whatever happened to the "stimulus" and that Obama smile that was supposed to make everybody sing "kumbaya"?)

There are other issues that make you laugh, angry or shake your head.

Let's put Ozzie Guillen's remarks about Castro among those issues that make you shake your head and ask:  What was this guy thinking?

Consider this: What if you had a special ceremony to celebrate the contributions of Jewish American players to major league history, i.e. Sandy Koufax & Hank Greenberg.  

What if someone said:  'Hey that fellow Hitler was pretty good at staying in power for so long....I love his tenacity.....he fought to the very end...didn't he".

I'm sure that there be a few people very angry and rightfully so. 

Ozzie Guillen made two mistakes:

1) He got into politics, local politics that is.  In Miami, Castro is local politics.  Cuba is a very sore subject for Cubans who had their loved ones executed, property stolen and hear the stories of dissidents thrown in jail after The Pope's visit. 

2) He insulted the clients.  In Miami, the ticket buyers are largely Cubans who have followed the Marlins despite some terrible management over the years.  Cuban-owned businesses are also the ones who buy advertising and all of those season tickets essential to the survival of any sports franchise today.

Very bad move Ozzie.  Don't insult your clients!  Don't speak about a man who has executed and imprisoned thousands.

In other words, there is nothing admirable about the Castro brothers no matter how long they stay in power or enjoy the adoration of the Latin American left who does not have live under his food ration cards!

Ozzie got away with a big mouth in Chicago because he won the 2005 World Series.  It was the only baseball championship in that city for over a 100 years.  It ended last year when losses made Ozzie's mouth  unbearable in the Windy City.

Ozzie needs to win quickly in Miami or he will be looking for a job very soon.  Baseball is about winning and respecting the fans, i.e. the people who Ozzie's salary!

We discussed Ozzie & the aftermath of the Pope's visit with Alberto De La Cruz, Managing Director of The Babalu Blog in Miami.  We discussed Henry Gomez' article about Ozzie Guillen:

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