Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's a bit silly watching Hillary doing "la conga" given the state of our foreign policy

There is something strange about watching the US Secretary of State drinking beer and doing "la conga" in Colombia at a public bar.    

It's extremely weird given the scandal about Secret Service agents and the drinking & prostitution allegations.

Don't get me wrong.  I understand that everyone needs to drink a beer and go dancing once in a while.  (It's a glass of wine in my case because I don't like beer but you get my point)

Again,  it's a bit silly to see Sec Clinton in such a happy mood considering the state of our foreign policy:

1) North Korea gave us the finger and fired their rocket anyway.  It did not work but they stuck their finger in our eye and laughed all the way to the launching pad despite our threats;

2) Syria is a disaster no matter how many times Sec Clinton calls on the world to work with her;

3) Iran continues to mock the West;

4) Nobody is cooperating with the US.  We were told during the Bush presidency that the world did not like "the Texas cowboy".  They don't like "the guy from Chicago" either because China & Russia are a bigger pain now than ever;

5) The Latin America summit was all about disagreeing with the US

My question:  Why was Hillary Clinton partying about?  

This is like a last place team having a huge party to celebrate their losing streak or position in the standings!

The Latin America summit in Colombia was the latest evidence that Pres BO has zero influence in the world.  Nobody respects Pres BO because everybody thinks that he is weak.

There was nothing of a substance reached at this summit.  Pres BO spent much of his time explaining US foreign policy rather having large crowds scream "si se puede".  

What in the world were these people partying about?  It can not be their very successful foreign policy.

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