Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SELF DEPORTATION: As expected, Mexicans are going home because there are no jobs

From 1994, when the Mexican peso collapsed, to our peak employment of 2007, the US was a rather attractive option for thousands of Mexicans looking for work.

First, we did not do a very good job of securing our border.  At the same time, it is hard to secure our vast border or control "tourist visas".  In other words, a lot of Mexicans came over on a tourist visa and then overstayed the 90 or 180 day period.

Second, we did not enforce our work site laws.  It did not help that there were many employers playing "dumb", specially in construction, hotel and "roofing" businesses.  They used foreign workers as a "cheap labor" alternative to obeying the work laws.

It looks like the illegal immigration wave is over.  In fact, it looks like the people flow is going south.  The LA Times reports that people are going home because there are no jobs in the US.

What's going on?

We don't have the same number of jobs.  The border is now a war zone and most people are afraid to cross over.  In the past, people were scared of snakes and dehydration.  Today, the cartels will kill you.

We are cracking down on small employers, or the ones who've been the primary users of illegal workers.  This is a vindication of the efforts by local and state laws cracking down employers who "cheat" by  hiring illegal workers.

Looking forward, we need a new president who understands the benefits of legal immigration and the chaotic consequences of illegal immigration.  We need one who wants to govern rather than the current occupant who just wants to energize disillusioned hispanos who voted for "hope & change" and got "nada".

Let's hope that Pres Romney sits down with the next Mexican president and revives the "brasero" program of the 1950's.  

The "brasero" program was the most effective illegal immigration program in history.  In fact, it was so effective that the Dems killed it under pressure from the labor unions.

The new version of the "brasero" program will give our employers a "legal way" to bring temporary workers.  It will also eliminate the reason for walking north to look for work without papers. 

We discussed this with Allan Wall on Tuesday night: 

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