Friday, April 27, 2012

The new " Obama killed Osama" Ad does not say that we got the info from detainees in Guantanamo

In a previous post, we spoke about Pres BO's problem with men.  Yes, men have historically seen the Dem party as weak on foreign policy.  They've had that problem since the left took over the Dem party in 1972.  In other words, LBJ, JFK, Truman and FDR did not have that problem.

Today, the Obama reelection campaign has a new TV ad.   

We call it "The Obama killed Osama" TV ad.  It is obviously intended to show that Pres BO is decisive, tough and will kill terrorists whenever he gets a chance:

As we posted before, Pres BO was correct in taking out Osama if the opportunity presented itself.

It did and Pres BO made the decision to send The Navy Seals.

Congratulations Pres BO.  Good decision!

However, this is a bit more complicated than that.

We got the "tip" that OBL was in that house from information obtained in Guantanamo, or the same place that Pres BO wanted to close:

"Detainees at Guantanamo Bay provided the crucial breakthrough in hunting down Osama Bin Laden, American officials said last night.  Senior officials in the Obama administration said intelligence gained from interrogations at the U.S. base was directly responsible for helping security forces track down and kill Bin Laden."  (UK)

Did we hear that in "Obama killed Osama" TV ad?  The answer is no.

Did we hear that Pres BO did not support opening or detaining terrorists in GITMO?  The answer is no.

Pres Clinton is in this TV ad.  We hear Pres Clinton correctly saying that presidents are the ones who have to make the tough calls.

Did we hear anything about Pres Clinton's "rendition" jails, or the secret CIA jails that he opened to keep terrorists in places like Turkey and Egypt.?  Those prisons were vital in getting information from terrorists, too.

Did we hear that candidate BO wanted to make us popular with the European left by closing those prisons?  

Let's get real.  Everyone was very happy that a Navy Seal put a bullet in OBL's forehead.  I cheered as much as everyone else.

Again, let's get real.  We found Osama because Pres Obama did not close GITMO as he promised all of those "yes we can" screamers during the election.

And he won't be closing it anytime soon!  We remind you that it was a Dem majority in Congress that killed the idea of closing GITMO because they didn't want the detainees moving to prisons in their states or districts.  It was so easy to talk about closing GITMO when the Dems were out of power and giving speeches....wasn't it?

First, killing Osama was the best dividend that came from Pres Bush opening GITMO. 

Second, the TV ad overlooks another reality.  Pres BO has kept all of those Bush anti-terror policies that he ran against.  I guess Pres BO realized that governing was a lot more complicated than telling immature "yes we can" screamers what they wanted to hear at those university rallies.

Congratulations to Pres BO for reversing his campaign promises, i.e. keeping GITMO open and continuing the Bush anti-terror policies.   Click here for the Friday commentary:

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