Friday, February 03, 2012

We must recognize that there is more to Hispanics than talking about immigration reform

Former Florida Gov Jeb Bush has a good message for the GOP.  He wants the GOP to talk about education reform, economic opportunity and the rule of law.

Jeb Bush is right!  We must recognize that there is more to Hispanics than talking about immigration reform.

First, he reminds us that Hispanics come from different countries. 

Some are Cubans (like me), Colombians, Argentinians and so on. 

We came here for different reasons.   My parents came here because they did not want their children growing up in a communist country that denied human rights and took God out of society.

Also, most of us came here legally and appreciate that.  I said "legally"!  We understood that "the rule of law" is what separates the US from much of Latin America.

Second, Jeb Bush reminds us of how public education is failing Hispanic children.  Sadly, the teachers' unions are in bed with the Dems and change is hard.

Therefore, we conservatives should talk to Hispanic parents about "choice", or giving parents the opportunity to "choose" schools.

Third, he reminds us that Hispanics believe in the "rule of law":

"Finally, we need to think of immigration reform as an economic issue, not just a border security issue. Numerous polls show that Hispanics agree with Republicans on the necessity of a secure border and enforceable and fair immigration laws to reduce illegal immigration and strengthen legal immigration."

Fourth, Jeb Bush reminds us that most immigrants are hard working people and looking for an opportunity to improve their lives.

Last, and very important, he reminds us that Hispanics are disappointed with Dems.

In conclusion, we are the party of opportunity and the ones who want to see people succeed, keep their own money and choose where to send their kids to school.

Let me paraphrase Pres Reagan:  Hispanics are Republicans but don't know it yet!

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