Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's getting harder and harder to support Pres BO's policy in Afghanistan

Two years ago, many of us supported Pres BO's surge in Afghanistan because it was necessary to go after the bad guys.  We could not allow for a power vacuum and the return of The Taliban to the country.

Since then, Pres BO has been more worried with appeasing "the anti-war wing" of the Dem than winning the war.   

He announced a withdrawal without listening to the commanders on the ground.  

Wonder how that impacted all of those people who were working with our soldiers?  Who in their right mind is going to help our guys?  Who is going to put their cards on the table and then have the terrorists kill them or families after we leave?

He is now publicly calling for negotiations.  Who are we supposed to negotiate with?

He just issued an apology over this Koran burning.  What's wrong with an apology?  It has emboldened the mobs and the Koran was not burned on purpose.

It's time to get out and fight terrorists with special forces, air power and drones that follow them around.  We should advise the terrorists that they won't return to power because we will bomb them wherever they are or hide.

It makes no sense to put our soldiers in harm's way if Pres BO is not interested in winning.

So let's kill terrorists by dropping bombs and making their lives miserable with drones.  it makes no sense to have US troops under the current rules of engagement & serving a president who is exclusively focused on energizing his disenchanted left wing base.

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