Friday, February 10, 2012

Three (3) good questions about the guns "handed" to the Mexican cartels

Bob Owens of PJ Media has been doing some rather good coverage of "Fast and Furious", or the misguided program that "walked" or "handed" 2,000 guns to the Mexican cartels.  (I mean "high powered" weapons)

Bob posted something new today.  He wants 3 questions answered and so do many of us. 

Here are the 3 questions:

"Who conceived this radical departure from normal law enforcement practices? Who conceived an operation that depended upon the deaths of hundreds or thousands of Mexican nationals for its success?"

This is true.  Didn't someone in this administration raise his hand and say that there would be likely be lots of Mexicans killed?  Or did they just assume that the deaths would go unnoticed? 

We remind you that these are some of the same people who had "heart attacks" when the Bush administration "water boarded" 3 terrorists in GITMO. 

I guess that sticking KSM's head under water is horror but drafting a plan that would ultimately kill hundreds of Mexicans is OK or the cost of doing of business.  KSM was the mastermind of 9-11 and "coughed up" vital information that led us to other terrorists.  In contrast, the people exposed to these weapons were innocent Mexicans.

We understand that 300 Mexicans have been killed by these guns.  Nobody was killed when they were water boarded in GITMO.

Here is the second question:

"Which Department of Justice officials saw that Operation Fast and Furious was dependent on hundreds or thousands of firearms being given to the cartels and recovered at the scenes of crimes, knew that the crimes in question were likely to be murders of Mexican nationals or U.S. citizens along the Mexican border where the cartels operate, and approved the operation anyway?"

In other words, who signed off on the operation and what was he thinking?  What kind of "amateurish thinking process" went into this?  How could these people have been so foolish?  How can a plan of this magnitude get by without people "very high up" in the Obama administration hearing  about it?  How do you "hand" weapons to criminal organizations in another country and not tell Pres BO, AG Holder or the Secretaries of State & Defense?

Here is the third question:

"Knowing that Operation Fast and Furious could be the political and criminal albatross that drives away moderates and Latino voters and destroys his chances of winning a second term, why does President Obama refuse to appoint a special prosecutor or, at the very least, call for Eric Holder and his direct reports to resign? "

This is the question that raises more and more questions.  What is holding Pres BO from calling for an independent investigation and cleaning up this mess for once and for all?

It raises one "cynical" but appropriate question:  Did Pres BO know that his Justice Department was "handing" these guns to Mexican cartels without telling Pres Calderon and the Mexican authorities.

We don't know the answers but this thing smells "bad" and will keep on smelling "bad" until AG Holder and Pres BO come clean and explain this nonsense.

We discussed "Fast & Furious" on our Thursday show:

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