Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A big idea: The next president will have a huge impact on the courts!

There are many reasons to work against Pres BO's reelection.  

From BO-Care to the expansion of regulations,  Pres BO is determined to change the country.  Again, Pres BO wants to transform this nation into something a lot different than what you and I believe in.  Just check out the HHS mandates or their unwillingness to fight for The Defense of Marriage Act.

We are not talking about what a Pres BO will do the courts.  He will fill the courts with people who will outlive his presidency.

Let's start with The Supreme Court.  At the moment, we have a 4-4 lineup with Anthony Kennedy "breaking the tie" one way or another.    

We also two Justices who are getting close to retirement.  Scalia has been there since the early 1980s.  Thomas was appointed in 1991.  Kennedy himself has been there since '87.  Roberts and Alito are much younger men.

In other words, we will lose the Supreme Court.

Do people understand what a 5-4 liberal majority will do?

You can forget overturning Roe v Wade.   We will get same-sex marriage through the courts. 

We will see more anti-business regulations endorsed by justices who would like to see an expansion of government.

Again, we are not talking about 2012 and the Supreme Court.  We should talk about it.  We better talk about it because the future of the country will be determined by the next president of the US.

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