Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The problem is that Israel can not wait for Pres BO or the useless UN Security Council

As the world turns, and everybody is busy with their own troubles, Israel is watching Iran get more and more hostile.

I think that Israel has to make a decision:

Do we wait for Pres BO to finish his "class warfare" speeches or do we move to protect ourselves from Iran?

It won't be easy for Israel to take out Iran's nuclear sites.  However, Israel does not have a choice.

I like what Niles Gardiner posted about this:

For the Israelis this is a matter of survival, of averting a nuclear holocaust, not a faith-based initiative that rests upon weakened sanctions advanced by a divided UN Security Council, and the non-existent goodwill of an Islamist dictatorship that has threatened to wipe Israel off the map. The Obama administration’s na├»ve approach towards the Iranian nuclear threat has been one of weak appeasement, which coupled with the European Union’s foolish policy of “constructive engagement”, has bought Tehran precious time to advance its nuclear programme."

As we learned in the 1930's, being "nice and understanding" to bad people does not bring peace.   Just ask all of the people who were overrun by Nazi tanks when Hitler moved into Poland in '39 or bombed London every night.  

In other words, bad people usually do bad things specially when they sense that no one will stop them!

Here we are:  The clock is ticking, Pres BO wants to "tax the rich" and we may be hearing Israeli jets dropping big bombs over Iran very soon.  

Who will Pres BO defend the morning after Israeli jets drop the bombs?  Or will he call PM Netanyahu to reconsider that speech about the '67 boundaries?

We discussed the Middle East & Israel with Bill Katz on Sunday.  Bill has a great post today on Iran, the very weak Pres BO and Israel:

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