Monday, February 06, 2012

Super Bowl: Great game, angry Giselle, Madonna and "here we go" was a great commercial!

It was a great game.  It went down to the 4th quarter.  The Patriots had a chance to win the was great.

I feel bad for Tom Brady because the NE receivers dropped 2 passes in the last drive that could have changed the score.  At the same time, that's football....stuff happens to the best of players.....again that's the game.

Let me congratulate both teams for a great game.  I'm not surprised that the game got huge ratings.  It was a great game for those of us who did not have a 'dog" (or a "cowboy") in this fight.

Let me share a few thoughts:

1) What was Giselle Brady doing when she unloaded about her husband's teammates:  Gisele rips Patriots receivers for husband Brady's Super Bowl loss

I understand your pain but they didn't drop your husband's passes intentionally.  We don't need garbage like this from an angry wife.

2) I skipped Madonna and went to the computer to check the latest numbers from Nevada.  Sorry but Madonna does not do anything for me.

3) The commercials were OK....nothing spectacular.....I did like the one about the dog that kept going to the refrigerator for beer.  I liked that one.

Congratulations to both teams because it was a great game.  I'm sorry that someone had to lose but someone has to lose.

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